Getting Started Tutorial

Creating a note

To create a new note, just tap the New Note button in the top-right corner of the screen. 

You'll immediately be brought to the note-editing screen. Just tap in the text area and start typing. You've made your first note!

Formatting Text

Internote's formatting options make it easy to make quick changes to the type of text in your document. Highlighting a word or series of words will bring up the menu, where you can select bold, italic, or underline options, as well as create a link.

At the bottom of the page, you'll also see the paragraph formatting bar when you go to a new line. This lets you alter the heading level,

turn the paragraph into a block quote, change its font size, make it a caption,

or creating a list.

Adding Media

Adding photos to your notes is easy.

To add a photo that you've already taken, just tap the photo button and it'll bring up your Camera Roll. Choose a picture, and it'll be inserted. To take a new photo, tap the camera button, and snap away!

Internote has a built-in multiple image layout editor that allows you to create a beautiful images collage easily. You can resize the image by tapping and dragging it.

You can also change the image ordering by tapping and dragging the image too.

If you think the image focus is not good enough, you can double-tap the image to resize and crop, pinch in / out over it to make it fits your need.


Channels are our way of organizing notes. You can think of them as "notebooks" or "categories," but they're not called either of those things because they can do some cool stuff that other apps can't.

To make your own Channel, just tap "Create new channel." 

Here's where channels get interesting.

If you choose "Local channel," your notes will just be saved to your device. But if you choose "Publishing channel," you'll be asked to sign into an online service of your choice: right now, you can choose Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter, but we'll be adding more soon.

So what does a publishing channel do?

Simple, it publishes your notes to the service you selected. If you chose Tumblr, your notes will be published as blog posts. If you chose Dropbox, they'll be saved as documents in the cloud. If you chose Twitter, they'll be tweets. Once you change the status of a note to 'posted', it'll be sent out to the platform you've chosen for that channel.

Getting a note into a channel is easy. Just tap the menu button in the bottom-left corner of the note editing screen, and tap "Move." Select the channel that you'd like to contain the note, and it'll be moved over immediately.

Starring Notes

To get notes into the Starred screen, all you have to do is swipe left from a channel view and tap "Star."

This is a good way to remind yourself of notes that you need to keep working on or things that you need to make sure to remember.

Deleting Notes

If you decide that you want to delete a note, just tap "Delete" from the menu in the note editing screen. You can also swipe left from a channel view and tap "Delete."

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