Matcha 2.0 Feature List

The following table provide extensive list of features available in Matcha 2.0.

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Feature Table

Storage and Sync

Feature NameDetails
Local Storage YES
iCloud Storage YES
Dropbox Link
  • Realtime sync all dropbox folder and file list.
  • Automatic sync downloaded file.
  • Offline reading and editing for downloaded file.
  • File conflict handling.

Favorites & Search

Feature NameDetails
Favorite Files YES
Recently Opened Files YES
Universal Search Search any files on any folder inside local, iCloud or linked dropbox storage.
Full Text Search Search inside local or downloaded file contents.

File Format & Compatibility

Feature NameDetails
Plain text with markdown formatting (.txt, .md, .markdown, .mdown) Support parsing and saving markdown document with compatibility with the following markdown spec:
RTF (.rtf) Export only.
PDF (.pdf) Export only.
Rich copy & paste Copy and paste text from Safari and Mail app will now keep all headings, lists, links, images and formatting.

Sharing & Activity

Feature NameDetails
Email YES. Supported format:
  • Inline formatted text
  • Inline plain text
  • Markdown attachment
  • PDF attachment
  • RTF attachment


Copy YES. Supported format:


  • Formatted text
  • Plain text
  • HTML code


Print YES
Preview YES (PDF Preview)
Open in other app YES. Supported format:


  • HTML Code
  • Plain Text
  • PDF
  • RTF

Editor Features

Feature NameDetails
Distraction Free Editor YES.
Markdown Editing & Preview YES, with WYSIWYG markdown editor.
Intuitive Editor YES.
Undo/Redo YES.
Custom Keyboard Row YES, with the following features:
  • 3 custom row for punctuations, editing and insert object.
  • Fixed move left/right keys and move word backward/forward keys (iPad only).
  • Smart quote.
  • Paragraph control to easily insert heading, lists, blockquote, indent/outdent.
  • Text style bar and clear style button to easily add style to your text.


Hyperlink and footnote bar. Easily open, copy and edit link/footnote.
Table Editing


  • Placeholder row & column allows you to easily add column or row with ease.
  • Insert/Cut/Copy/Paste row.


External/Bluetooth Keyboard Full support with extensive list of shortcuts. See all supported keyboard shortcut here.
Find & Replace YES
Color themes 6 professional color themes with day and night mode.
Typography & Layout


  • 5 typeface.
  • 3 line spacing mode.
  • 5 text size.
Accessibility Larger type support.
Outline View YES with search support.
Word & Character Count YES

Rich Text Features

Feature NameDetails
Headings H1-H6
  • Ordered List
  • Unordered List
  • Checked List


Nested List YES
Nested Paragraph, Table, Preformatted Block YES
Blockquote YES
Multilevel Blockquote YES
Preformatted Block YES
Table YES
Image (Embedded)


  • Gallery
  • Camera


Image (File Link) YES
Image (Web URL) YES
Horizontal Rule YES
Hyperlink (URL)


  • Any Web URL.
  • iOS App URL Scheme. See the list here.
  • Support automatic fetching of URL title.


Hyperlink (Phone number, email, tweet) YES
Hyperlink (File Link) YES
Footnote YES (With custom title group)
Text Styles


  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Code
  • Color
  • Size (Small, Normal, Big)

Third Party App Integration

Feature NameDetails
Fleksy Keyboard YES
TextExpander YES
Launcher Pro YES
URL Scheme YES. Support the following features:
  • Launch Matcha.
  • Open File or Folder.
  • Create File (With automatic file naming).
  • Append text to File.
  • Open favorites.
  • Search files.
See Matcha URL Scheme specification and examples here.
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