Matcha 2.0 User Guide

Matcha has been designed to give you a simple, uncluttered alternative to all of the other writing apps out there that are packed full of menus, toolbars, and superfluous extras. We got rid of the things you don’t need, made it easier-to-use the ones you do, and created a very clean workspace that will let your creativity blossom. Matcha is easy enough to use that you can just jump right in, but if you want a quick guide to the features, read on!

Table of Contents

  1. Basic Stuffs

  2. File Management

  3. Extra Keyboard Row

  4. External Keyboard Shortcut

  5. Sharing and Printing

  6. Integration with other App

  7. Markdown Tips

  8. Getting support


1. Basic Stuffs






Drawer image Manage File and Folder in icloud, dropbox, and local storage
New document image Create New blank document
(note: the first line will be saved as automatic document title)
Outline image Review document sectioning (Headings and section-breaks)

Find and Replace

Title and Search bar image Show document Title


Search document titles in Dropbox, iCloud, and local storage (note: Matcha will also search into document contents for local document and downloaded iCloud/Dropbox document)

Quick access to Favorites and Recently Opened documents

Information image Review document Properties (file name, location, sync status, last modified, size, and word/character counts)


Rename document name

Move storage location

Mark document as Favorite

Duplicate document

Delete document

Share & Print image Email document


Print document

Copy document to clipboard

Open In other app

Settings image Change in-app appearance (font size, line spacing, and font type)


Change workspace Themes

Change Matcha Options image

 - Editor and default settings,

 - Pin protection

 - Other-app integration

Get Help image

 - Send bug report

 - User Guide

 - Like Matcha in App Store and Social Media


Reading Mode





Reading mode is where you can have a full view of your document and menu bar, without on-screen keyboard. Menu bar will be minimized when you start scrolling up your document.


Writing Mode





To start writing, just tap where you want to type. The menu bar will disappear when you enter writing mode.


Useful Tips

  • Tap on Title Bar image or swipe down keyboard Grip image to hide keyboard and bring back the menu bar
  • To add a line feed in the same paragraph, hit Space Bar twice then hit Return. But, if you have “.” period shortcut* activated in your iOS setting, then hit Space Bar 3 times then hit Return.*
  • Double tap on a word to select the word, then you can use the Left/Right arrow image or image to extend the selection
  • Double tap on blank space at the right or left side of a phrase, to select the whole line of that phrase image
  • Triple tap on a word or tap 2 fingers on a phrase to select the whole paragraph image
  • Long tap on table or image to select the table or image. image
  • Swipe down when you are on the top of your document, to close the document.

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2. File Management


To access dashboard, tap on the title bar.


  • Universal Search Bar

    Matcha can search document titles in Dropbox, iCloud, and local storage in the most efficient way. Matcha also searches into the contents of all local documents and downloaded iCloud/Dropbox documents

  • Favorites

    This section gives you a quick access to your favorite documents. The documents are sorted based on the last opened timestamp.

  • Recently Opened

    This section lists down all the recently opened files


    • To re-open, simply tap on the file name.
    • To remove file name for the list: swipe left on the file name, then tap REMOVE. Note: removing file name from the list will not delete the file physically from the storage.
    • To mark the file as favorite: swipe left on the file name, tap MORE, and tap MARK AS FAVORITE
    • To move file storage location: swipe left on the file name, tap MORE, and tap MOVE
    • To delete file physically from the storage: swipe left on the file name, tap MORE, and tap DELETE. Note: you will be warned to ensure that you really want to delete the file.


Storage System


Tap on Drawer image to manage your files in storage

Matcha has three storage options:

  • Dropbox image
  • iCloud image
  • Local image

To ensure reliable document backup, we suggest to utilize Dropbox or iCloud. When you use only local storage, you will have more risk of losing document (from unintentionally deleting the app, device lost/stolen, etc).

Matcha has reliable auto-sync to Dropbox and iCloud every few minutes.

Matcha will forced-save your document when you close document, open another document, tap image button, or press cmd+s if you use external keyboard.

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3. Extra Keyboard Row

There are different sections of the extension row:

  • Navigation
  • Formatting
  • Punctuation
  • Insertion

On the image icon, swipe left or right to see different section.



Character navigation arrows image


Move the caret to one character left or right
Word navigation arrows (iPad only) image



Move the caret to one word left or right
Undo/Redo image



Undo previous action(s)


Redo following action(s)

Tap long on the button to switch between undo and redo
Forward delete (iPad only) image Delete one character on the right of the caret




Paragraph Formatting image Set** Heading **level

Create list:

-unordered image

-ordered image

-checklist image

Indent image and outdent image

Increase or decrease quote level image

Hyperlink and Footnote image Create** hyperlink to internet URL, select target to other file** in Matcha, or other section on the same document. Note: Matcha will automatically try to resolve title of the URL when you tap on Paste Link button or Text to Display field.


Add footnote

Text Formatting image Insert code block


Change Font Size

Bold, Italic, and Underline

Change text color

Clear Text Formatting image Remove formatting of selected text
Quick Edit Function (iPad only) image Select text next to the caret


Select all text in the document, or in a cell when caret is in the table

Copy and Paste

Define selected text

Suggest other word(s) of selected text

Speak selected text

Access to Find and Replace function




Matcha provides most frequently used punctuation as extra keyboard row, to make you type faster.

Smart quotes

Tap image button once to type " , or twice to type ( , or three-times to type [ . To close the quote/bracket, just tap that button again once.

You can also select a text, and then tap image or image to surround that text with single or double quotes.




Table image Insert table.

Tips: to add new column or row, just type on the placeholder.

Note: the placeholder is not visible when you print or export the document.

Pre-formatted block image insert pre-formatted block
Horizontal Rule image Insert horizontal rule to split between sections
Take photo image Take photograph and insert into document
Insert photo image Insert photo into document from:


 - Local device

 - Dropbox

 - Web Image URL

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4. External Keyboard Shortcut

Tap here to learn about external keyboard shortcut.

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5. Sharing and Printing

Sharing and printing function can be accessed from this menu image




You can share your document through email as formatted text, plain text or attachment (markdown, PDF, or RTF).



On printing menu, you can choose the font size, font type, and paper size. It is advisable to preview before you actually print the document.

Copy whole document


You can copy the whole document as formatted text, plain text, or HTML code, for pasting elsewhere.

Open in other app


You can open your document in another app as HTML code, plain text, PDF, or RTF.

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6. Integration with other App

Fleksy keyboard


If you’re a fan of the Fleksy keyboard, you’ll be happy to know that you can now use it in Matcha. Note: you must have Fleksy installed on your device.

To activate Fleksy keyboard, just tap anywhere until the pop up menu appears, then tap Fleksy or if you are on iPad just tap Edit button on the keyboard extension row and select Fleksy.

To switch back to the iOS keyboard, tap System on the pop up menu or on iPad tap Edit and then System.

Text Expander

To activate Text Expander in Matcha, tap Settings image, then tap Options image, then tap Auto Expand Snippets. Note: you must have Text Expander installed on your device.

URL Scheme and Launcher Pro

Matcha has implemented URL Scheme so you can call Matcha from any application like Launcher Pro. Note: you must have the application — that can call URL scheme — installed on you device.

Follow this link, to learn more about Matcha’s URL Scheme.

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7. Markdown Tips

The integration of Markdown into Matcha is one of the features that makes Matcha a great app for creating internet-ready text quickly and easily. Markdown is a simple text-to-HTML conversion format that lets you use simple formatting instead of complex HTML code. Here some tips to type quickly in Matcha using Markdown syntax without tapping any menu buttons.


If you type # in the beginning of a paragraph, Matcha will convert the text into headings, for example: # for Heading 1, ## for Heading 2, and so on.


Ordered (numbered) list

In the beginning of a paragraph, type number 1, followed by a period and a space, for example: “1.

  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third

Unordered (bulleted) list

In the beginning of a paragraph, type dash or asterix, followed by a space, for example: “- ” or “*

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Check list

In the beginning of a paragraph, type [], followed by a space, for example: “[] ”.


  • Task A
  • Task B
  • Task C

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8. Getting support

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