The Basics

Matcha is a powerful creative tool and word processor to create pretty much any kind of document that you want.


A document is any combination of text, photo, video, table or any kinds of content that Matcha support.

File Format

Matcha saves your document in a universal MD/MDD file format when storing to iCloud, Dropbox or Local storage. On Evernote, it's saved as a note object.

Navigating on iPad

On iPad, Matcha uses a familiar 3-pane layout (Navigation pane, Documents pane and Editor pane) with full screen mode. Swipe left and right to change visibility of each pane.

  • To toggle between split/full screen mode, tap on the divider bar between documents and editor pane.
  • To show navigation and documents pane while in full screen mode, just swipe right anywhere on the screen or tap on Show Navigation button.

Navigating on iPhone

On iPhone, Matcha displays document list on it's main screen. To show navigation pane, swipe right anywhere on the screen or tap on Show Navigation button.

Opening a document will bring the editor out from the bottom of the screen.

  • To hide the editor, tap on Hide Editor button.
  • You can also swipe down to hide the editor when you are at the top of the document.

Pinch to Show More or Less

Matcha works great on the small 3.5" iPhone to the large 12.9" iPad by letting you easily pinch in on the editor to show more content or pinch out to show less.

Create a document

To create a document, tap on Create button and select Document. A new blank document will open on the editor.

Add a content

To add a content, choose either Text, Photo, Table and Text Box from Content Toolbar on the top (iPad) or the bottom (iPhone) of the editor.

  • Text

    Add various kind of text content such as heading, list, quote, pre-formatted block and section break.

  • Photo

    Add photo/video from Photo Gallery, Camera or Pasteboard.

  • Table

    Add tabular data to your document.

  • Text Box

    Add Pinterest style text box your document.

Content cursor

Content cursor is a blinking arrow on the left-edge of the editor that points to a specific position on the document. When you add a content from the content toolbar, it will be inserted into this position.

  • To move the cursor, swipe up or down on the editor using your finger or use the up and down key on your external keyboard.

Zen Writing Mode

When you add a text content or tap on any text content, Matcha will bring up the virtual keyboard and slowly fade out all other contents and toolbar.

  • Tips: to temporarily fade in other contents, just scroll the editor.
  • To exit writing mode, tap on Done button on the top-right of the editor.

Swipe to Style

To quickly change the style of the text you are currently typing, swipe left or right on the editor.

  • Swipe left for a small heading, swipe left twice for a big heading.
  • Swipe right to create a list.

Selecting Word, Line and Paragraph

  • To select a word, double tap on a word to select it and then drag the selection bullet on the left or right to expand the selection.
  • To select a line, double tap on the blank space on the right of the line.
  • To select a paragraph, triple tap on any word inside a paragraph or tap with two-finger on a paragraph pointed by the middle of your tap.

Add Text Formating

  • To add text formatting, select one or more words and select Format menu.

Long Touch to Drag

It's never been easier to move any content around your document. Just touch and hold on text, heading, list item, section break, photo, table or anything to drag it.

Resize, Scale and Crop a Photo

To resize a photo:

  • Tap on a photo and drag it's resizing handle.
  • Drag the handle close to the editor edge to make a full screen photo or select Full Screen from photo selection menu.
  • To float a photo, tap on photo and select Float.

To scale and crop a photo:

  • Tap on a photo and select Scale/Crop.

Add Table Row (Last Row)

To add table row at the bottom of the table, just start typing on the last row of the table and Matcha will automatically add a new row.

Insert, delete or remove table row/column

To insert, delete or remove table row/column, position the cursor inside the table to show row/column header, then tap on any row or column header and select Insert or Delete button. To move, just long tap on any row/column header to drag it.

Share a document

To share document content, tap on More icon on the top-right of the editor and select appropriate share activity.

Delete, move, rename or duplicate a document

To delete, move, rename or duplicate a document, tap on document location on the top right of the editor and select appropriate action.

Create a folder

To create a folder, tap on Create button and select Folder. You will be asked to enter a name and location for the new folder. The new folder will immediately appear on the navigation pane and document list will show content of the new folder as well.

Rename, move or delete a folder

To rename, move or delete a folder, tap on Edit icon on the right of selected folder on navigation pane and choose appropriate action.

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    Roger Dye

    I have entered a block quote using >. Now I need to divide the quote and insert a regular paragraph, but cannot figure out how to end the block quote and make it a regular paragraph.

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