Connecting to JIRA OnDemand or Self-hosted JIRA

Resolveit for JIRA works with the following JIRA installation:

  1. Atlassian JIRA OnDemand.
  2. Atlassian JIRA OnDemand with Google Apps Installation.
  3. Self hosted JIRA version 5.0 or above.

It doesn't work with JIRA Studio and JIRA 4.x or below.

Connecting to Self hosted JIRA or JIRA OnDemand (without Google Apps Integration)

To connect to your JIRA installation from Resolveit, enter the following information in Add Server/Login screen:

  1. Server URL: Enter your OnDemand or self-hosted server URL. This is the typical URL you enter in address bar to access JIRA, ex: or
  2. User Name: Enter your JIRA user name, NOT your email address.
  3. Password: Enter your account password.

Connecting to JIRA OnDemand with Google Apps Installation

The following screenshot shows typical login screen for JIRA OnDemand with Google Apps integration. You have to enter your Atlassian OnDemand account and password (as shown in right pane) in Resolveit Add Server/Login screen, NOT your Google Apps account.

If you never login to JIRA with your Atlassian OnDemand account, you have to create OnDemand password first.

How to create Atlassian OnDemand password?

  1. Open your OnDemand login page, typically at where xxx if your company name.
  2. Click/tap on 'Unable to access your account?' below 'Atlassian OnDemand' login box on the right side.
  3. Enter your Username or Email address on the next page and click/tap on Send me an email.
  4. You should receive Atlassian OnDemand password reset instruction on your email. Follow the instruction until you can login to JIRA with your Atlassian OnDemand account.

For more information, read this article from Atlassian or contact your JIRA Administrator for help.

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