Getting started using Time

The timeline


The timeline is the main screen of the app. On this screen, you’ll see all of your previously created notes organized into past (at the top of the screen), present (in the middle), and future (toward the bottom). In the middle of this screen, right under your notes labeled “Today,” is the present bar, which tells you the time and your location.

Create a note

To create a note, just swipe from left to right across the present bar (if you ever forget, just look for where it says “slide to create new note”). You can also touch the camera icon in the present bar to take a picture and add it to a new note.

Once you’ve created a note, you can add summary text, which is the text that you’ll see displayed on the timeline. Just use the on-screen keyboard and start typing! You can also hit “return” to add a line break (you’ll notice that subsequent lines of text are written slightly smaller; in this way, you can created headings and sub-headings, if you’d like).
Every note is given a date—the default date is the day that the note is created. But you can always move it into the future so that it won’t show up in the “Today” section of the timeline until a later date. You can even create one with a past date so that your note is stored in the past!

Create a scheduled event

If you’re using Time to keep track of events, you can also add a time to your notes, making them function like a calendar entry. To do this, when you’ve added some summary text to your note, just tap on a date (even today), and you’ll see “Show as event?” below the week view. Tap this and you’ll see a time selector on the screen that will allow you to specify a time for your event. You can also set it to show as an all-day event instead.

Open, edit, and close notes

After you’ve saved a note, it’ll show up in your timeline, where you’ll see the summary text displayed. If you want to see more details of the note, just tap on the note in the timeline and you’ll enter the note view.
To edit anything in the note, just tap on the text—the on-screen keyboard will appear, and you can edit to your heart’s content. When you’re done editing, tap “Done” to save your changes.
When you’re done with your note, you can either tap “Done” in the upper right-hand corner or tap on the [insert picture here] icon and drag it toward the bottom of the screen to close the note.

Add note contents

Note contents are some of the most useful things in Time. They contain text, but you can mark them as completed without deleting the note, allowing you to create outlines, sub-tasks, or to-do lists.
Once you’ve saved a note, tap on it in the timeline and you’ll open the note. Below the summary text, you’ll see a button labeled “+ Add Content.” Just tap this button and you’ll be able to add text. Hit “Save” in the upper right-hand corner and your text will be saved as note content.

As with the summary text, you can hit “return” to add additional lines of text, and they’ll show up a bit smaller than the main headline text.
When you go back to the timeline, you’ll see that your note has a number in parentheses behind the title, like this:

That number tells you how many note contents or photos you have attached to your note, which can be helpful when you have a lot of notes and you forgot where you saved your to-do list!

Mark content as completed

If you’re using your note contents as a task list, you’ll want to mark some of the note contents completed without changing the status of the entire note. To do this, just tap on your note in the timeline. In the note view, you’ll see your note contents displayed below the summary text. Just swipe from left to right to mark a note content as complete. You’ll notice that the background of the content is shaded a bit darker. If you make a mistake, you can always swipe from left to right again to remove the “complete” status from the content.

Delete note contents

If you’d rather get rid of note contents instead of marking them as complete, just swipe from right to left and tap “Delete.” Easy!

Bring a note to your attention

If you want to make sure that you don’t forget about your note, you can make sure that Time displays it in the Today section of the timeline for a specified amount of time. For example, let’s say you create a note on March 5 that says “in-laws coming for dinner” and give it a date of March 17. But you want to make sure that you remember a couple days before your in-laws come over so you can buy groceries and clean the house. All you need to do is save the note and then tap on it from the timeline; tap on the status section of the note, and select “Bring to my attention.” You can then choose the dates that the note will stay in the Today section of your timeline. Now, your “in-laws coming for dinner” note will be highly visible starting on the 14th so you don’t forget.

Keep a note on Today

Found just above “Bring to my attention,” the “Keep on Today” option will make sure your note stays in the Today section until you decide that it can be moved to the past. There’s no setting dates or choosing times—just activate this option, and your note stays pinned to Today.

Add image to note Gallery

If you’d like to add an image to your note, you have two options. First, you can create a note by tapping the camera icon in the present bar. This will allow you to take a picture and then a new note will be created with that picture already in the Gallery.
Second, you can add a picture to a note that you’ve already created. Just save the note and then tap it on the timeline.  You’ll see “Gallery” at the bottom of the screen in the note view—just touch and drag up to show that note’s Gallery. To add a new image, just tap the square with the + symbol in it—Time will ask you whether you want to take a new picture or add one from your Photo Library.

Edit image header

Once you’ve added an image to a note’s Gallery, that image will be used as the header for your note. But what if you don’t like how it looks? Not to worry! You can edit that header. The first thing you can do is to change the header to a different image. Just tap and hold on an image and select “Set as header” and you’ll see a new image in the header of your note. Easy.
You can also change how an image looks as the header. Just tap the header and drag your image to the location where you like it. Tap “Save,” and you’re done!

Delete images from a note Gallery

If you’d like to remove an image from a note Gallery, just open the note view and bring up your Gallery. Tap and hold on an image and select “Delete” to remove it from the Gallery.

Share some or all note contents

Unlike other note-taking and task-managing apps, Time allows you to select the parts of your note that you want to share with others, which is really great if you’re using it to manage a project—you can send your note summary along with a couple to-do items to one group, the summary and an image to another group, and just the image to a third group. There’s no limit to the useful combinations!
To start sharing, tap “Select” in the top-left corner of the note view. Touch each part of the note that you’d like to share (you can share the summary text, note contents, and Gallery images). You can also tap “Select All” in the top-left corner. Once you’ve selected the parts of the note that you want to share, just tap the [insert picture here] icon in the bottom-right corner. Tap “Email” to email the note contents, or “More…” to share via Apple Messages, Facebook, Twitter, or AirDrop.

Send a note to other Time users through email or AirDrop

Once others see how organized your life has become with Time, they’ll want to start using it too! And when they do, you can share notes easily with them via email or AirDrop just by shaking your phone. Just open up the note view, shake your phone, and select “Send note to other Time users.”

Delete a note

With Time, you can keep an archive of all of your notes—but if you’d like to delete one, it’s as easy as swiping from right to left on the timeline. Just tap “Delete” and it’s gone!

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