Tips and tricks

To take advantage of some of Time’s most useful functions, you’ll want to get acquainted with some of the tips below.

Paste image, links, texts copied from other apps into notes

Want to paste text that you copied from Safari, Mail, or any other app and paste it directly in a note? Just highlight the text you want to copy, hit copy, and head over to Time. Shake your phone to bring up the shake menu, and tap “Paste text here.” You can do the same thing with images and links, too. Just copy them, bring up the shake menu, and paste.

If you perform these same steps from the timeline, you can paste your copied text, image, or links into a new note. One great use for this is to select a number of images from the Photos app and paste them directly into a new note so you can keep your photos organized in Time. The possibilities are endless!

Copy and paste note contents from one note to another

Similarly, you can also copy and paste note content from one note to another. Touch “Select” in the upper left-hand corner of the note view, select the things you want to copy, and then touch the  button in the bottom right-hand corner. Select “Copy,” then go to the note you want the content to appear in, shake your phone, and tap “Paste text here.”

Shake to reverse note contents order

Another useful thing you can do with the shake menu is reverse the order of your note contents—for example, if you created a list of tasks by date and you’d like to see them in reverse chronological order, just open up the shake menu and select “Reverse content list order.” That’s all you have to do!

Add bullets or check boxes to note content

Adding bullets and check boxes to your note contents can be really useful, especially if you’re creating an outline or to-do list. Time will automatically convert a dash (“-“) followed by a space at the beginning of a line into a bullet point, and it will turn two brackets (“[]”) followed by a space into a check box. The bullets and check boxes will continue on new lines until you hit “return” twice. Please note that you can only make bullets and check boxes starting from the 2nd line of your note contents (since the 1st line is a Heading).
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